‘Cradle to Grave’: The Journey

‘Cradle to Grave’: The Journey

Move chronologically through life's journey with Sally Flint, learning how to capture the significant moments in new and original poems.

This course considers how to capture and reveal journeys of human experience. The five sessions are organised chronologically: Birth, Childhood, Adolescence, Adulthood, Old Age and the big one – Death. Working from Louis MacNeice’s ‘Prayer before Birth’ to W. H. Auden’s ‘ Funeral Blues’ stopping all the clocks, contrasting examples of contemporary poems will be discussed in terms of subject matter, form, voice and style as a way to avoid clichés in poetry. Objects and imagery will be used to inspire innovative writing. Participants are welcome to write with a particular theme in mind to produce a sequence of connected poems across the course – for example, topics such as healthcare, family links, settings that have changed (or not changed), the development of technology may provide a framework – alternatively it will be interesting to see if topics emerge unexpectedly and organically. In the spirit of Gaston Bachelard it is the intention for this course to provoke correlations and disruptions across the Poetics of time and space.

5 fortnightly sessions on Mondays, 7 – 9pm, starting 8 Oct.

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Sally Flint’s poetry has been widely published and anthologised. An Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Exeter, she lectures in creative writing and co-edits Riptide Journal. Her research interests include the evolution of ekphrasis and forging interdisciplinary projects with poetry and short fiction. She is currently working with scientists on the project Climate Stories to raise awareness of climate change, which is informing her next poetry collection. She is also a resident with Kaleider, an arts organisation based in Exeter that aims to make extraordinary things happen.

‘The Poetry School is a remarkable resource of knowledge, guidance and new friendships formed around the desire to learn more and write better. The range of workshops and their leaders is, I think, unparalleled.’

– Spring 2018 survey response

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