Being Poet Puppeteer: Writing Page-Turning Narrative Sequence (Spring 2023)

Being Poet Puppeteer: Writing Page-Turning Narrative Sequence (Spring 2023)

Pull the strings on your own narrative sequence as we read, and revel in, contemporary poets innovating the form.

* This course will take place on video-conferencing platform ZOOM *

Travel with us into the beautiful, immersive form of the poetry narrative sequence. Explore how to write one of your own, or how to adopt the form to shape a work-in-progress. 

We’ll read, and revel in, some outstanding poetry narrative sequences, by a diverse group of contemporary poets, including: Jackie Kay, Stephen Lightbown, Maria Jastrzębska, Jenna Clake, Bhanu Kapil, Margaret Atwood, Jay Bernard, Degna Stone, and Ilya Kaminsky. 

We’ll share our insights and enjoyment of these works, considering questions like, how do these books differ from other poetry collections and what makes them tick? How can we pull the strings and manipulate our own created characters and fictions, in a poetry sequence? How are the poems structured and layered across the sequence? What tools are being implemented to give us such a holistic reading experience? What makes us want to keep reading, to the last page? 

There will be a range of prompts and jumping off points, to help get you writing new poems, along with inspiration and strategies for growing them into bigger picture narrative sequences. You’ll go away with the motivation to complete that work-in-progress sequence, or to get one underway. 

5 fortnightly sessions on Thursdays, 7–9pm (GMT), starts 2 February 2023. 

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About Elaine Baker View Profile

Elaine Baker is a poet, teacher, and mentor, living near Norwich, in the UK. She has over five years’ experience in leading creative writing workshops online, in person, and in schools. She is a Lead Writer on the Beyond the Spectrum project, developed by Writing East Midlands, working with neurodivergent young writers. Elaine has also recently facilitated writing workshops with young people at The National Centre for Writing, Norwich.

Elaine has an obsession with poetry narrative sequences and is the author of two of her own: Winter with Eva (V Press, 2020), and five-point-palm (Red Ceilings Press, 2021), which was shortlisted in the Hedgehog Poetry Press competition, 2020. Her poetry has also appeared in a wide range of journals, e-zines, and anthologies.

She has an MA in Writing Poetry from The Poetry School/Newcastle University, has performed her work in a whole host of venues in Norwich, Oxford, and London, and has been Poet in Residence at Nomura, in the City of London, and the Vale and Downland Museum, Wantage. Follow her on Twitter @kitespotter and Instagram @elainebaker76 and read more about her work at: 


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