Angela France Ledbury Seminar 2021

Angela France Ledbury Seminar 2021

Intimate monthly seminars with Angela France, organised in partnership with Ledbury Poetry Festival.

Curated in partnership with Ledbury Poetry Festival, we are proud to present a series of monthly seminar groups with Angela France at the Barrett Browning Institute in Ledbury, featuring close reading, in-depth discussion and feedback on your poems-in-progress, as well guidance on your next steps as a poet and conversation around contemporary poetry. With a maximum of eight students, these seminars provide an intimate setting and generate supportive and critical friendships, helping you to become part of your local poetry community..

Entry into this group is by application only. If you would like to sign up, please contact the office for information and we will assist you in the application process. Do not book online before applying.

8 x monthly sessions between November and June. Classes will run 6–8.30pm on the below dates at the Barrett Browning Institute in Ledbury, HR8 2AA.


More information about how all our seminars work can be found on the Seminars Course Page.

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Angela France has had poems published in many of the leading journals and has been anthologised a number of times. Her publications include Occupation (Ragged Raven Press, 2009), Lessons in Mallemaroking (Nine Arches Press, 2011), Hide (Nine Arches Press 2013) and The Hill (Nine Arches Press 2017), and Terminarchy (Nine Arches Press 2021). Angela teaches creative writing at the University of Gloucestershire and in various community settings. She runs a reading series in Cheltenham, ‘Buzzwords’.

The most valuable thing about the poetry school courses for me has been the ability to share work very directly and immediately with others. The directness of the audience places a pressure on my writing which is productive and has been better than writing for my own eyes only.’

– Spring 2018 survey response

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